My Top 20 Most Memorable Video Game Bosses List!

While some games like Half-Life 2 can forgo such gaming convention as bosses and still be good, I still think that well designed bosses are very important to any type of video game were action is involved.

So to waste some time, I compiled my current list of the bosses in video games that I really stuck out to me. There are 20 and I left MANY off the list. Also, this list changes as the years go by so if I do it again there will be most likely new big bad guys in the slots.

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P.S. I'll add explanations to each ranking and the memorable thing about them as the night goes on.

-- Jordan
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Why The WASPs at Ground Zero Scare Me

As a follow up post I figure I would share this gem about the stuff that I, an African American Polish Portuguese Atheist who just happens to look like an Arab Egyptian from the Byzantine Empire, go through when other groups of brown people screw up social life in America and mindless WASPs act on it:

In this video a brown man walks through the crowd at the Ground Zero protest and is mistaken as a Muslim. The crowd turns on him and confronts him. The man in the blue hard hat calls him a coward and tries to fight him. The tall man who was one of the organizers tried to get between the two men. The brown man's name was Kenny and he is a Union carpenter who works at Ground Zero.

And two more just for fun...


-- Jordan White
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Eleven Things Everyone Needs to Know about the Muslim Community Center VS Ground Zero Debate

1. It's not even a Mosque!

2. It's not even at Ground Zero!

3. There is already an Islamic Community Center four blocks away! This would be two blocks away from one corner of the giant hole that is Ground Zero aka The Grand Canyon 2. There's over 100 Mosques already in NYC and many of them are only a few blocks from Ground Zero.

4. This is closer to an Islamic YMCA/Chef school than anything, with a swimming pool, basketball court, auditorium, culinary center and yes a prayer room so that the Muslims won't have to do complicated geometry to figure out were Mecca is. Same how Jewish and Christian Community Centers will have alters for prayer to the Yaweh god.

5. There is already a strip club and a sex toy shop two blocks from the"sacred" ground zero. Plus liquor stores and a peep show:

6. There are Christian churches in Hiroshima & Nagasaki...cities that were nuked by Christians.

7. Timothy McVeigh was raised as a Christian so why not ban all Churches in Oklahoma City then?

8. Even Tehran, Iran allows for Synagogues to be built and in fact the city has four of them!

9. WTC Tower #2 actually had a Muslim prayer room in it and Muslims died on 9/11 in the towers as well. Extremest no know bounds and everyone is the enemy.

10. The Pentagon (also attacked on 9/11) has had in Mosque within its walls since 9/11 - for Muslims who work in the Pentagon ...

11. Just because they have the freedom to build the Community Center does not mean it should not be monitored by the authorities. In fact, since Muslims are concerned about extremest corruption in their religion many insist that investigations should be the priority. And they should for all three Abrahamic religions since Christians love to rape children and Jews smuggle drugs and run black organ markets.

In short, this whole thing is a waste of time. I would rather see this kind of fury and revolt be put to on getting an actual monument at Ground Zero since it's been ten years since the tragedy, to fight Al-Quada who is still at large and to fight against the Democrats and Republicans who shot down the option of giving 9/11 First Responders free health care just to save them enough money on top of their billions to send the family monkey to Mars.

P.S. I am not going into NYC on September 10th or November 17th. The holidays of Eid al-Adha and Eid ul-Fitr are on those days and I have a feeling that with the celebratory nature of ur-Fitr so close to 9/11 and the slaughtering of Animals on al-Adha that there will be roaming bands of white people roaming around to attack anyone brown. -,-;

-- Jordan
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For Everyone at -- Please Read

I feel like there is huge amounts of disinformation out there about me and reading many of these comments from people who are my comrades and (who I thought were) my friends just makes me want to puke. I fee like I have a knife in my back.

First on that Twitter post, it is gone. I apologize for writing something that poorly written and thought out but I was overwhelmed just like you all were for the negative press that is coming out over the movie both in terms of racebending and as a film in of itself.

From a person who got death threats, had his computer hacked and to see his friends get bullied over this issue since the near beginning, I was full of emotion and typed with my gut instead of my brain. This will not happen again and I will be more careful about tweeting to make the organization look good.

Secondly, even though my friends at had posted that I stepped down from my position at my own free will there seems to be this view that somehow I was "fired" from the staff. I thought later on (I was going to write a book about this whole Racebending thing and sell it for charity) after the film came out I would tell the "True E! Hollywood Story" about why I stepped down but it seems like I am going to have to explain myself earlier so here it is...

As everyone remembers, one of my main jobs was to upload and maintain the YouTube page. Once and awhile, a troll would hack the page and start spamming flames at everyone connected to us. I would have to go in, delete such nonsense and apologize to such people. Well, one time when this happened the Dragonball Evolution Protest group was one of the victims of this. Turns out the guy running the YouTube is different from the other mods in that group and he has hated since they pledged allegiance to support us. I tried to be civil about it, I tried to remain calm and inform him of the issues but he wanted to hear no end of it.

So a short time later, he convinced the rest of the DBE movement to follow him and troll social portals. The huge thing they did was to mass spam the "REPORT" function on Facebook and that is how our Facebook was deleted. We were all upset and horrified about it and I had to make a choice. Talking to the YouTube DBE guy, I knew that he really hated me and saw me as the movement. And as I told the others, I rather see the Racebending movement to succeed with or without me taking and active roll in it. So I figured that if I resigned my staff position, the trolls will attack me instead of Racebending. Even though some people said I should not step down, I did so anyway to get rid of the DBE trolls. And it worked. They have been trolling (and failing at it) me ever since and it took them away from

Not only now do I have time to do other things, but I have STILL been doing things for behind the scenes with approval of the current staff. There! That's the story. Everyone makes it sound like I was some rat who was fired and now they get to celebrate urinating all over me for all the work I did because they never heard the full story.

Again, I am still very sorry for any person I have made uncomfortable or angry over my time and I wish your flames at me were heard when I was in person and not when you figured I left the movement forever so you can bitch about me free-for-all all you want. It breaks my heart to think this is how I get treated, mocked and dissed behind my back like this and I am deeply hurt by this.

Again, I was not a saint when running the group. I know that. Note how I was fine in the beginning but towards the end things started to go fubar. Basically, all the stress and death threats, trolls, hacks and slander at me took it's toll and so I got worse and worse over time. It was one of the other reasons I stepped down, being one of the main faces of Racebending is not easy and I thank Mike, Darine, Loraine and the rest for keeping their cool. Trust me, we constantly were freaking out and being a hairs way of exploding and so I am sorry that I was one of the first for this to start getting to me.

Lastly, I want to clear up something that neurotic_rat said which as a strong feminist really broke my heart. It was a misunderstanding of a quote I made a long time ago. I obviously did NOT sign up for this group to "get laid". Hell if you read my old posts (such as the barbification of Katara), I am a huge Womens Rights activist and it's one of the many reasons I love the show Avatar: The Last Airbender. What I said (or was trying to say and maybe came out the wrong way) is that in my past experiences with protesting those said protest were very much male dominated. So I was uplifted, impressed and ecstatic that a huge protest group was manned by smart, intelligent, funny and beautiful women and could do it better and more professionalism than any protesting group I have ever worked with.

You all should be really proud for that and go women! Girl power! THAT is what I said. It makes me sick to see that because of a misconception of that quote that now I am seen as some sort of unclean pervert who was trying to act like a pimp. Ugh!

Again, I am sorry for the Twitter quote. I got over excited and jumped the gun again. Keep up the great fight, lets show that white washing a series as fantastic as this is very uncool and I hope you are now informed about what was really going on all those months ago.

-- Jordan
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First Wisdom Tooth Extraction

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Overall, not bad. The worst part was waiting a half an hour before I could go in. Then waiting a couple of minutes before I was totally numb. Nothing like a brat Spanish kid in the other room screaming like he was having root canal instead of simple drilling. Even my dentist said "Oh, he was just a brat!" XD

Very quick. No pain. Tools were weird, they looked like architectural tools. I was waiting for the cement truck, rhubarb and them to plant a flag on the foundation. XD

One down, one more simple extraction and then two surgical ones to go...

-- Jordan
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The Science Behind Bending AKA Why M. Night's View on Firebending is Wrong

This is an old post that was rejected by the racebending and avatar_fans so since people have been asking here I am reposting it to my LJ.

P.S. I am not a physics major holding any degree. This is all merely based on some observations and my general knowledge of science. You have been warned.

So basically, after spending many hours watching the show just marveling over how culturally East Asian/South East Asian/Inuit the show is, I managed to get beyond this to find a very great show. I started to find characters I like, favorite episodes, ect. But then another megaton hit me...

I started to watch the entire show more closely about the art of bending. The history of it, how it works, ect. Then, combined with the Scrolls about how bending works and the Show Bible that proved this postulate...

All of the bending of elements are scientifically sound!

In fact, this is one of the few franchises besides Harry Potter and the Matrix where the fantasy elements are very grounded in reality. Ergo, it does not violate any laws of physics and everything has an easy scientific explanation, unlike such things as Star War's Lightsabers and Repulsortech.

It all starts with that the Show Bible clearly states that there is no "magic" in the world and the only fantasy elements are the creatures, bending and Spirit World. No teleporation, no ki-blasts, no magic flying, ect.

It also continued with the way Firebending is explained by Mike and Brian (which I will get to in a minute) and this whole thing is fuled by one thing: That M. Night has no idea how bending works and is doing it wrong in the movie.

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The point is not only to show how much thought was put into the bending (consciously or subconsciously who knows) but also how M. Night is simply getting it wrong. With this kind of logic layout, all his statements about bending and in particular Fire Bending are all wrong!

There is no need to make the bending more "grounded", it already is very scientifically grounded! There is no reason, with the way firebending is in this framework, to gimp them by only using existing sources. They manipulate the properties that control elements, NOT magically the element them self's which seems to be the case in the film. It also shows that the Martial Art forms from the original were prefect (Tai-Chi = Current Flow, Baqua = Push and Pull, Hun Gar = Rooted Geometric, Northern Shaolin = Kenetic Energetic) and thus M. Night has no idea what he is doing with the forms. His claim of trying to ground things such as the bending, culture, ect has no basis since most of the show is pretty grounded and thought out anyhow.

In short, if M. Night cant take five minutes like I did to figure this out...and that he is obviously knows no basic can we trust him to get any other aspect of the show he is adapting right?

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Notacon Picture Summary

To lazy for a written summary and a picture is worth a thousand words. So I expect to leverage 29,000 words out of this entry.

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I wonder how many words will I get out of video?

-- Jordan
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