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Help Me PLA, Your My Only HOPE

If you have not heard of The Last Hope then I need to spank you. NOW!

Join me and others at the Hotel Penn that I tried to save and won because the economy rocks to...aww fuck it let the description say it:

Phone Losers of America

Murd0c, Rob T. Firefly, Leo, Sidepocket

The Phone Losers of America's 15th anniversary panel will include video presentation of various prank calls, real-life pranks on unsuspecting businesses and people, audio prank calls, real-time questions and answers, as well as a history of prank calls, phone phreaking and the ways the PLA have gone about setting everything up.

I will be lending my knowledge(?) to this as well as other things. If things go as planned this will be an event of a life time. If not...fuck.

I also have more motivation to strive well in the Video Game Industry. I know I sent it in late, but they rejected my cool talk idea. Guess I need to fully make some shit to get me in next time. Here was what could have been.

Homebrew VS Piracy: Thinking Outside of the Mushroom Kingdom

The hot subject in today's gamer media is the increasing threat of piracy. Piracy has made video game developers panic in terror. Companies losing millions of dollars each year has forced the industry to put a choke hold on anyone who does anything with their systems outside of the norm. However what the industry does not know, is the world of people who find exciting new ways to play with their devices and over all develop better techniques to further gaming. However with the "piracy scare" causing the industry to lump these DIY explorers with the malicious pirates, how can both users and the industry learn to evolve peacefully? This presentation will look into the past, present and future of both piracy and home brew, detail the parasitic relationship between the two as well as highlight the vast differences. Example of such home brew and systems mods will also be highlighted.

Even though my talk was tossed aside like a used tampon, I am happy now!

-- Jordan

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