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Eleven Things Everyone Needs to Know about the Muslim Community Center VS Ground Zero Debate

1. It's not even a Mosque!

2. It's not even at Ground Zero!

3. There is already an Islamic Community Center four blocks away! This would be two blocks away from one corner of the giant hole that is Ground Zero aka The Grand Canyon 2. There's over 100 Mosques already in NYC and many of them are only a few blocks from Ground Zero.

4. This is closer to an Islamic YMCA/Chef school than anything, with a swimming pool, basketball court, auditorium, culinary center and yes a prayer room so that the Muslims won't have to do complicated geometry to figure out were Mecca is. Same how Jewish and Christian Community Centers will have alters for prayer to the Yaweh god.

5. There is already a strip club and a sex toy shop two blocks from the"sacred" ground zero. Plus liquor stores and a peep show:

6. There are Christian churches in Hiroshima & Nagasaki...cities that were nuked by Christians.

7. Timothy McVeigh was raised as a Christian so why not ban all Churches in Oklahoma City then?

8. Even Tehran, Iran allows for Synagogues to be built and in fact the city has four of them!

9. WTC Tower #2 actually had a Muslim prayer room in it and Muslims died on 9/11 in the towers as well. Extremest no know bounds and everyone is the enemy.

10. The Pentagon (also attacked on 9/11) has had in Mosque within its walls since 9/11 - for Muslims who work in the Pentagon ...

11. Just because they have the freedom to build the Community Center does not mean it should not be monitored by the authorities. In fact, since Muslims are concerned about extremest corruption in their religion many insist that investigations should be the priority. And they should for all three Abrahamic religions since Christians love to rape children and Jews smuggle drugs and run black organ markets.

In short, this whole thing is a waste of time. I would rather see this kind of fury and revolt be put to on getting an actual monument at Ground Zero since it's been ten years since the tragedy, to fight Al-Quada who is still at large and to fight against the Democrats and Republicans who shot down the option of giving 9/11 First Responders free health care just to save them enough money on top of their billions to send the family monkey to Mars.

P.S. I am not going into NYC on September 10th or November 17th. The holidays of Eid al-Adha and Eid ul-Fitr are on those days and I have a feeling that with the celebratory nature of ur-Fitr so close to 9/11 and the slaughtering of Animals on al-Adha that there will be roaming bands of white people roaming around to attack anyone brown. -,-;

-- Jordan
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