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Sidepocket_Pro`s Living-Dead Journal

Welcome to the Sci-Fi Wasabi!

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  • sidepocketpro@gmail.com

♥♥Angelica is Love!♥♥

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use your genitals for good!

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Anthrocon 2007


Hello Ladys and Germs!

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About Me:
:..>Currently 20 years old My birthday is April 23, 1987 if you do not know.
:..>Is a little crazy.
:..>Is half black and half white.
:..>Loves Videogames -Current Game "Wii Sports"
:..>Loves Anime and Manga -Current Anime "Pumi Pumi Poamy" -Current Manga "DeathNote"
:..>Is a movie nut!
:..>Lissens to Metalica, Juno Reactor, and other metal/techno bands.
:..>Reads Spawn Comics. -SPAAAAWWWNNNN!! ^-^
:..>Is back to single, but is still friends with his ex. Visit yami_cassie`s journal.
:..>Is a computer nerd -1337!
:..>Has lots of friends. -Some who are almost as crazy as me!
:..>Loves to Draw!

2D Art Tools:
-100% Premium Cedar Pencils
-Color Pences
-Art Pad 3in X 16in
-0.5 Pilot Pen

3D Art Tools:
-Ampai 3D v%.1
-Maya Compleat
-3D Max
-Milkshape 3D

Hopeing to Add:
-Paint Shop Pro/Photo Shop
-COPEC Color Markers
-COPEC Airbrush

Programming Languages:
-Quick Basic*
*currently learning

Markup Languages:

...and thats all for now. Auto-Biography Coming Soon.